Lunchtime briefing, 12:30pm Thursday 29 April with Ant Roberts and Mike Manning from Ravensdown on optimising production

Posted: 13-Apr-2021

Optimising production and maximising efficiency of nutrient use

NZ Guild of Agricultural Journalists and Communicators is hosting a series of sessions with experts across our field.

Join us for our lunchtime briefing on Thursday 29 April at 12:30 with Ravensdown's Ant Roberts, Chief Scientific Officer and Mike Manning, GM of Innovation & Strategy on optimising production, maximising efficiency of nutrient use and managing in the face of increasing change.

Details and Zoom link for your calendar

Thursday 29 April at 12:30. Zoom link here:


About Dr Antony Hugh Coleby Roberts

Ant Roberts holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Science degree (1st Class Honours) and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Soil Science, both from Massey University. He is a fellow of the New Zealand Soil Science Society and a member of the New Zealand Institute of Primary Industry Management and the New Zealand Grassland Association. Prior to joining Ravensdown he was a practicing agricultural scientist for 22 years working for the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Agricultural Research Division. In his current role he is responsible for managing the agronomic research and development for Ravensdown, for training the 70 Agri Managers who work with our farmers as well as other staff in soils, fertilisers and pastoral agriculture.

About Mike Manning

Mike has a vast experience in the Fertiliser Industry with some 39 years of direct involvement commencing in the field services role working directly with farmers to then enjoying several senior management positions within Ravensdown. Mike currently has responsibility for the Innovation investments by Ravensdown, the company owned leading soil and plant diagnostic laboratory ARL, the Ravensdown Environmental Consulting team and the Regional Council policy team.


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