Lunchtime Briefing with Blake Holgate, Rabobank Rural Manager, Sustainable Farms Systems

Posted: 13-Aug-2020

The Guild has been hosting a series of briefing sessions on Thursdays with key representatives from across the food and fiber industry. These provide the opportunity for senior people for the wider industry to discuss current issues and for journalists to ask pertinent and relevant questions.

Our guest on 30 June was Blake Holgate, Rabobank Rural Manager, Sustainable Farm Systems.

You can watch the recording of the session below.

About Blake Holgate
Blake joined Rabobank to help raise awareness between farmers, branch teams and the wider agricultural sector of the challenge of staying competitive while adjusting to changing environmental regulations. He provides practical information with a focus on nutrient and water management strategies, which can help develop systems that are environmentally and financially sustainable. At the same time he helps build on-farm efficiency for the long term. Hailing from a sheep and beef farming family, Blake has an MBA from Otago University and practised as an environmental lawyer specialising in resource management before joining Rabobank.

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